More than just a Bible study


Fused Groups take place every month all over the city. As we build the FaithWired community, we plan to expand Fused Groups throughout the city weekly. It's our opportunity to break out of the church walls, engage with the city, and  reach new believers. This will serve as an encouraging weekly group for FaithWired members. Join the community today.


Current Groups

Request address for our Rancho Group. 


Request address for our Santa Clarita Group.

Where to Host A Fused Group?


Snag your favorite coffee and pull together a few tables. Fused Nights can be held at your local coffee shop or cafe. This is a great opportunity to meet friends and learn about a bible based topic for your group.


For those of you that appreciate nature. A popular hiking trail or seating area at your favorite park makes for a great location for a Fused Night. Your group can get a little fitness in while discussing a relevant topic from the word.


Home Space

This is the top location for Fused Nights! For those with a heart to open their doors, why not host a Fused Night at your home? Living room, garage, yard, wherever there's space, this is the best way to invite neighbors and friends to gather at your home and receive the word.


More of a lively group? The mall offers plenty of seating areas for a Fused Night worth attending. It's an easy way to meet with your group and enjoy some coffee, window shopping, and opportunities to invite a few extra friends to your group. 

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